Well that was a rude awakening from our alternative dimension where Ireland has sun everyday… showers was the forecast … more on that later.

A good night in the Tower bar and restaurant with M and J last night. We were quite restrained on the vino as we knew we had to get up. Snook out of apartment at about 8.30 , it was cold and both leg and arm warmers were deployed. Soon after a full range of top to toe Goretex was added as the “showers” started.

Now the gentle reader may not be familiar with the Irish “ shower” , not like the brief tropical shower that gives you a warm head massage then disappears, or the English sun shower that allows you to get the Ransomes 30” mower out 10 minutes later and cut a razor stripe on your perfect lawn. No … the Irish shower is a 9-5 sort of guy who will take all the overtime available, he likes to let you think he’s gone so you take your coat off and then rush back to soak you. Its preferred direction of approach is horizontal so it can broach the smallest chink in your Goretex armour. So it was all day.

Out the greenway to Mulranny

Stopped briefly for tea.

On towards Bangor Erris

Now if you ever thought of visiting Bangor Erris …don’t. Unless perhaps to go to the funeral of a dear friend who moved there to avoid some dreadful scandal , a torrid affair with the vicars daughter perhaps. He probably died of boredom.

The highlight of Bangor Erris was the spicy Chicken Roll.

On towards destination in Ballycastle , snipped a little off the route so bad was the rain.

Arrived at the Stella Maris “Hotel” they were delighted to see us “flood” the reception🙄

🚦 green despite the weather.

WORDLE 6/6 😰


Might stay here another day if it doesn’t clear up.