Slaughter 2015 ….Sunny Delight

The forecast was good and true despite the cloud of Mr Kinbotes absence . Good turnout especially from the Rossi , with a scattering of trailbadgers a banbridge wheeler and various other reprobates. Mr and Mrs Big Dave were  missed badly .

Jod was the first faller after about 100 yards either a mechanical or perhaps a bike choice error . The 26 2 x 10 perhaps not ideal , the 27.5 1x 11 or the 29 2 x 11might have been better …the dilema!

The nice weather was conducive to a relaxed pace which Martin took advantage of up Sallys Yard . Nobody minded as the views at the top were stunning .



Then Down the gully where Kieran practiced his somersaults , and despite an astutely sited photograher the riders were otherwise not for falling even if there were a good few sideways moments .  Regrouped at the bottom and off up Fiddlers .Martin decided a fry would be more relaxing than another loop at this stage while Peter was feeling the pain and in a moment of madness removed his helmet . I had to restrain Mr Power from demonstrating the benefit of a helmet directly! Doc Lewis notching up the clear rounds here but more later .



Then home by Ballynagelty where Chris showed how climbing should be done . Tea and sandwiches ensued and there were more people who suddenly had hairdressing appointments .

Third lap , Martin had finished a 9 item fry tea and toast scrambled egg on wheaten  and rejoined us for a tunnel loop and down by ballynagelty where several riders were disqualified for alterations to route that had not been submiited in triplicate to the fat controller . No medal for anyone who went down “Atlantic” , mean while it was my turn to parctice somersalts on the ballyedmond trails ..lucky escape,



At the end of the third lap most of the Rossi to my knowledge suddenly realised they left the cat in and had to dash home …hmmmmmm. That left the stalwarts minus Kenny who had only got a day pass from intensive care with his cough .It was a very bad cough .

The switch backs brings me back to Doc lewis who at this stage was on three clear rounds and insearch of the elusive fourth . i gave him my usual psychological preparation on the way up but all to no avail ….he was devastated and got our usual sympathetic ear.



Many thanks to all for turning up and special thanks to mr power who wins the most patient competitor award for being sweeper all day when we all know his true place is at the front .

the route is available here

All photos available here

Some Slaughter Facts For Next Saturday

  • It is not a race , not even a sportive , nor a challenge . If you want any of these see Mr McCabe .
  • It is a group cycle, consider it a long day out on the bike. If you are fast go down to the back and encourage someone, dont spend half a hour waiting at the top getting cold and grumpy.
  • There is no entrance fee  and hence no support , insurance ,food , t-shirt or any responsibility taken, although we would (usually) consider it bad form to leave someone behind.
  • It is a hard day out both for you and the bike . Make sure both are well prepared and have adequate spares/tubes/food etc.
  • Because its four loops you can leave most food etc at the bottom as you will pass on each loop.
  • Leave no Trace …at all, bar your tyre print .
  • Wear a helmet ( the only rule) , This is NOT because we care about you or for your safety in any way , its just we dont like the sight of blood ! Similarly ,If you feel you might need a first aid kit bring one along.
  • Respect other mountain users , walkers /runners , because we might be a big group especially on the descents..remember point 1.
  • When in pain ..SMILE .
  • Grumpy cyclists need not apply .