Kennys Big Day Out

In which :
The evil twins appear and disappear.
Dan fails to break his leg despite throwing himself off the bike 3 times
The Eagle nearly landed at an early stage ( with a broken derailleur)
PS fell off at least twice .
New Paul finds Bike wash at Bernagh
Irregular John wishes he’d brought his full sus .
Robbie got an impressive second wind , despite having not signed up for so much portage.
John (SCO) is caught without a T.U.E.

Simply the best F*****G day out on ( and off) the bike for ages . Big miles , slow speed but loads of portage . Mighty descents to test the evil twins who performed outstandingly until the final climb when they collapsed.

SEE ROUTE MAP AND GARMIN HERE Dont laugh at the slow speed some of those trails were gnarly++.

Sun , mud , banter , plenty of falls and great grub at Meelmore Lodge . Very tired legs at the end of the day and forecast for tomorrow good …arrghhhhhhh!

Low Vis

A damp day with poor visibilty all round .

Those in attendance Dan , Teresa ( for a very short while, prior to leaving to chase a ball around a field) Herself , New Paul , Robbie , John (SCO) and COC.

Those not in attendance . Pamela who had been apparently been superglued to her bed , Mr Hull ( no acceptable excuse given) , Mr Power who had been camped outside the bike shop all night in anticipation of a day of Wreckoning. Doc Lewis again no excuse.

Headed up Sallys yard at a good old pace , right at post to shoulder , past bath towards Fallow. I had intended to drop to gorge but visibility was too poor and it was only Dan who kept us on the right trail towards Fallow. I did however manage to navigate us exactly to Fallow corner unlike John whose GPS was awry. Up to tunnel and back onto mountain towards mast . Dan and COC claiming clear rounds to mast , various wheelers behind . Dropped down to top of switchbacks and onto red trails , then left to blacl all the way to ulster way and home by red trails .

Good spin given the poorish weather , I hear theres going to be a terrible wreckoning in Tullymore tomorrow , I wonder will there be weeping , wailing and gnashing of teeth also ( only if kenny there) .