Cormac returned today having spent the GNP of Ireland on his new shed , we await the shed warming party .His own bike was sick ( of him?) and he arrived On-One of the most interesting steeds we have seen for a while , a Hard tail which caused him some discomfort however we were all ready to Raleigh round if he needed first aid . Alex claimed man flu ( but that in itself was an obvious lie for two reasons ) . He nearly cleaned the shortcut and did clean the switchbacks . He earns the title of specialized climber for the team . At the mast we rested while Brian brought up the rear  , its a hell of a Trek from the fence to the mast .

Off to the gully where forks and tyre compounds were tested and found wanting . The across to yellow water where liz turner-ed around for home . The rest of us went for a reverse castle Bog Alex again showing himself to be a Giant of a climber.

Kenny despite having been warned about the deep hole decided to ” stick to the middle , its fine ” ….Fine it was not as an exclamation went up ” great Scott ” he was heard to declare . He did look as though he might perform St Vitus dance at any moment .

Quick diversion to Pieces Castle for the view of the Canyon beyond , it surely is one of the most Rocky Moutains about .

Down to the forest above Leitrim Lodge where Cormac became separated from he steed complaining bitterly and Yet-I feel he may be getting to like the hard tail , its almost nukeproofbut might be nicer if painted whyte.

Home to watch the heli rescue

couldnt get the cube in..damn


“The Skys The limit” , or possibly. “Is there no end to this Meeness”.

In the abscence of Mr Kinbote , Sky took the reins with route planning . Mr Kinbote although absent was well represented by his brother Scott Kinbote and like his sibling set off like a scalded cat unhindered by the dense undergrowth on his face . Up to fiddlers , down the badgers claw or was it the Giants claw or perhaps the badgers pad ? Out to Sallys yard and up to post in nice sun but with the addition of light snow . Up to the flat mountain and across to Knockshee . It was so cold here that a very brief stop was in order . Liz and Alex went for a bath while the rest of us felt a higher ( moral) path in order and met them at the Y junction . Here a fateful decision to try the leftmost path which although initially pleasant soon turned into a battle with the open mountain . Sky came into his own here and left Scott of Katesbridge behind as he forged a path to the mast/gully trail . Sharp left to mast in freezing conditions and then onwards and downwards to accompany Sky for his 22nd Meen . A nice new trail taking us from here to the rocky road , stopping only to try the “Sitting Stone ” for size. Down to the stone , across to back of stone and down to top burma. Lost Alex here as youthful exhuberance took him up the mountain again . Out to the end of top burma and down in the trees to Burma and home nice and early .

The shed must still not be finished as Mr Power was nowhere to be seen .


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Sartorial Shortcomings Secondary to Snow

The sun was shining on Cloughmore road as I selected my cycling garb , shorts seemed a reasonable choice and as I pedalled merrily to the Glen all was well with the world .

A select bunch awaited , Mr Power managed to tear himself away from the worlds slowest and most expensive shed project . Mr Kinbote brought with him an aura so filled with deadly man flu virus that he felt obliged to cycle more than the usual 500 meteres ahead of us all day . Colm returned as a trial to see how fit he was , by the low gate on Sallys yard he knew ! Angelina Duffy torn between swimming in freezing water or cycling with made the wise choice . JOD arrived on time which is impressive as bike selection on any given day must take some time , the butler having laid out his tangerine steed must have helped . Ian now a regular and the COC made up the merry band . No sign of herself with a tickly cough or John (SCO) who still has a tickly shoulder .Sky was ravaged by a man flu and will do well to escape intensive care . Meanwhile Dierdre with double pneumonia was out at boot camp and babck to back Meenuarys .

The was no thought of snow as we pedalled up sallys yard losing Colm early , however by the bridge the mist had settled in and the snowdrifts were bothersome. By the mast my shorts did not seem so clever and as we dropped done to the Fallow via the gully (stopping only to stifle laughter at Mr Powers dismount ) I wished for a nice pair of lycra tights .

Out the trails to yellow water with a nice pace as Mr Kinbotes viraemia took hold and slowed him down . The planned excusrion to Castle Bog was quickly abandoned owing to lack of snow tyres. Back to trails , giants pad , second right , trails to stone and down the back to badgers claw . Here I departed only due to a pneumatic issue with my front tyre leaving the rest ( at this stage only Power/Kinbote and PS) to climb back to the top …good luck

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