Switchbacks 8 NTSR 0

Roll call , Power ,Pilot ,Dan,Doc L ,The cyclist formerly known as Seamus ,Sky ( or whats left of him) COC ,PS and Herself.

Castle bog sounded too easy and the recent dearth of clear rounds on the switchbacks forced us to try yet again . It was a sad effort with not even a “nearly”. Seamus had trouble just walking up it! . Out on the trails ( said in whispers) about to turn left onto the black run when we noticed a lack of Seamus . Sky volunteered to return along the trails and administered first aid to a puncture. The rest of us followed the black to the Ulster way where we came upon a band of 6.1ers looking lost and leaderless with BG apparently recovering from a spill. We rounded them up and pointed them in the whyte  direction but they did look a sorry bunch , Mark was doing his best as acting leader assisted by the moustachioed Dr Kitchener and I’m sure they found the way home alright. Up the track to castle bog , over the top and home by trails . Cormac and the Pilot held back to do “Panti” I was afraid to ask if that was a route or something worse .

Best Excuses today

Sky ,” I’ve lost so much weight the front wheel wont stay down .”

Tim , the old favourite ..”too much air in tyre” .

Seamus …no excuse

Alex ..wrong oil in forks

Cormac , handle bars 3mm too narrow

Next Saturday is walk to Carlingford for those interested , 13th is CCAR race , 20th is looking like Santa Saturday .

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Rooty Route causes problems for Murray

Roll Call ..Power , Pilot , John(sco) , The Brother , Sky(lite) , Scullmeister , COC and the Not Yeti  .Mr Kinbote again opting to wait for the post man, its starting to sound suspicious.

Initial route decison was for a stab at Formal  but John had a tumble on the giants pad , atttrib to brake failure but a slippy root was to blame methinks. By the time he was out of intensive care todays very fluid route started to deveiop, a real mini slaughter . Switchbacks , out to post , dropping down to low post , up to mast , down as far as the scullion bypass and back up to mast again , out to post again then down fern gully . At this point alex went awol ( Sky had gone awol earlier) , the rest of us went back up sallys yard as far as low post , turning left to ballynagelty and down home via the stone and river walk . If you can follow that your are a good un! It was a real spagetti loop.

Mist for most of the day with occaisonal breaks in the mist allowing some lovely views over the lough.

Did any one loose a key …Sky found one.

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Rare sighting of Lesser Spotted JOD

After all the precipitation we were suitably pleased to arrive at the Glen still dry and even a hint of sun. There was some discussion about which would be the dryest route , but as that didnt exist we donned arm bands and headed to Sallys Yard with Kenny on point and Mr Power trailing behind in case CK turned up late . Joined also by Ian who is too new to slag (yet) ,JOD on his welterweight bike  and the new Sky-lite .Straight up to the mast and dry so far , however kenny decided we needed a bath so off to Knockshee in three inches of water most of the way by which time we were all spotted with mud Jod having the best mud distribution., but fantastic light with mist dropping and lifting every few minutes.

Another paddle up towards bath and back to fallow via the gully . Normally i would have gone home at the stage but Power and Hull were most insistent that I stay and so off to second right and up the switchbacks where most people made it as far as the last really trick bit , Kenny suggested we put in an escalator but the feeling was that would be cheating.

Dropping down the Glen to the stone , and off to the rocky road which proved a bit too rocky for Kenny who fell not once but twice , thereby instigating a rebellion at the bottom with a call for home.

Only the pilot and Mr Power resisted and headed ( in lashing rain) to the Badger .

Great spin

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Tardy Kinbote loses crown for a day

UTV weather ” mainly dry with sunny spells ” translated into the vernacular “freezing ,pishing rain and not a glimpse of the sun” .This however did not stop herself from a liberal application of factor 50 ( is that spf 50 or age 50?) in case the sun peeped out .

Mr Kinbote had a extra 5 minutes in his scratcher and was late , the brother quickly ( some would say a little too quickly) seized the reins and led us off at a respectable pace  despite the puddles , lashing rain and roots more slippery than a than Mr Sufferns wallet hand.

Mr Power made a return after another long abscence  , much talk of new steed ordered from santa who will have to deliver it all the way from  Canada. I wonder will Geraldine get a present of equal value?

By 11  o’clock a few of us were running out of air in our armbands and swam back to the car park while the hardy ones swam another few lengths.

[AFG_gallery id=’32’]Remember Bigwood Tues nite .