COC up , or more accurately COC down

Only Kenny (selkirk) Hull and the COC braved the weather today . Her hypothemicness self toook to the watt bike and Doc Lewis texted to report that it was wet in Newry . If you ever needed a reason to leave Newry perhaps that was it.

Route here . Giants Pad , second right , switchbacks with soooooo nearly a clear round for the COC .Onto the trails or more accurately the river bed ,round to Fallow , loop of Fallow , back into trails /rivers , Over to Yellow Water ford , right to sheep pen and back . Trails/rivers to above batts wall , dropped down a new route to batts , bit iffy but might be rideable in dry .

Home by trails/ ulster way saw 3 red squirrels and one that looked black to me , I’m all for diversity . Disaster struck on run in when I looked down to identify a nasty sound from my shifter , missed a corner and put wheel in a hole which was big enough to accomodate Mr Powers Pecs. Eloborate forward dismount with face plant in mud only inches from a big stone , Knee a bit banjaxed but will live and good looks maintained .