NTSR Marriage Counseling Service Opens

15 beautiful years (ends here )Two new bikes unable to travel in straight lineNo Title neccessaryDrew had forgotten about the mountain in MTBMight be the closest we get to sunriseThe Child arrives
Wet landing for the pilotClench ClenchTunnel closedAirborne DavyAirbourne PilotHerself Taking off
Up Up and away

sat 28th dec, a set on Flickr.

Tim and Julie were 15 years married today . Tim scaled new heights (or depths) of romance taking his dearly beloved on a Saturday spin with NTSR . Sadly miscalculated, and the early romance soon died on the lower slopes of Sallys Yard . Breakfast in bed might have been a safer bet Tim! Congratulations .
Drew returned from Sheffield for another battering and held up well till cramp struck on the return leg . Davy didn’t break sweat all day missing Steven and Cormac’s pace at the front . Alex still in love with his new steed and headed back up for more at the end .
Route a simple loop , Burma , Sallys , Mast , tunnel, Trails to yellow water and home . VERY COLD .
SUNRISE 2014 departs glen at 7.15 am on the 1/1/14 , lights probably needed for first 45 mins .

Santa, Christmas cake , The Grinch …….and a cow .

I thought as I approached the Glen that I had overdone the drink last night . A vision in polka dot welcomed me ,John dressed as that familiar christmas cow we all know and love! BRING BACK RUDOLF >>>
Santas little helper was back , Mrs Claus , Mr Kinbote with a stealth disguise under his saddle , as this is a family web site I’ll leave it at that. Cormac had stolen a childs moose , ripped its head off and stuck that on its helmet . Alex , well he was dressed as Alex nuff said . Kerry not put off by previous encounters with NTSR returned swathed in tinsel and bearing christmas cake , she knows how to infiltrate the group ok.

Quick loop of Badgers claw to warm up , then back up fiddlers where we met the grinch . Unable to control her ( beautiful) dogs and unhappy that we occupied her personal space for 30 seconds . The mountain is a public space and there is room for everyone to do whatever they want as long as respect is given . We have for 20 years (and will continue to) enjoyed all the mountain along with anyone else who wants to do their thing . There is no chance of coralling cyclists onto the trails , fantastic as they are .

Moving on …..from here a full loop of the trails , meeting pete mcconville , one of ntsr’s originals and mtb icon on the way . Needless to say he dissappeared in a puff of dust.

Home for mulled wine , tea , mince pies and presentation of cheque to Didi for her special needs playground. Thanks to all who contributed after the slaughter

Sat 28th as usual I think .

Words fail me ( look under saddle)Mrs Claus happy with short route ( a lie)For gods sake someone call the policeBlack Santa?Looks like a poor effort ( at first)
Kerry on The ClawPoor EffortPastures greenGreen Bikes Mole disguised with tinsel , fooled no one.Anyone see the torso of a moose anywhere?
No stopping me now.Udderly RidiculousIs it a moose , is it a deer ? Oh dear .Moose Hop
new bike gets a washHope they have tumple driers at the north poleThe ChampHoly PamolyOnly Airtime time hes had for a while!

santa, a set on Flickr.

Tuesday 17th December

Doc Lewis arrived tonight with new steed reflecting his riding preferences . A bike with 29inch front wheel and 26 inch rear wheel , christened the 69er with rigid forks and a single gear , a bike for real men we think.

Gary returned after a long absence after a spot of warrior traing which we all agreed he badly needed ( NOT ) and headed up the green road like a scalded cat , leaving all in his wake. Up to Fallow Loop and onto the trails , over to slieve meel and back via yellow water

Remember your santa suit on Saturday .


The 69erDavy Taking no ChancesJohn About To MeltDavy Kinevel passes the speed of light
The WarriorOwenUntitled-2

tues17thdec, a set on Flickr.