Child of Prague in Kidnap Scandal.

Saturday 25th April , you might thing we were well into spring, but no some depraved person has stolen my child of Prague with catastrophic results …SNOW FFS.

Mr Power well attired for the conditions in his shorts and t shirt, The Brother , Eamon , Rory , John (Sco) ,PS, Herself , Alex and COC made up the band ready to brave the conditions , made all the harder after the recent good spell .

Kenny called the route ,Giants Pad , losing Eamon to early retirement , (as soon as heard about the loss of the Child of P he turned to start the search) . Tunnel to mast which was actually riding very well with a nce tail wind , clear rounds for everyone except Kenny I think , he tried to blame me as usual despite showing him a fine line to bypass the bypass .

Liz took pre-emptive action to avoid hypothermia as the snow started at the mast and baled early .The rest of us headed to fern gully and ballyedmond . Burma to fiddlers where frozen fingers and toes led to rebellion with John ( SCO) , PS , CoC and Rory dropping down to home .
With Selkirk in mind Power and Hull with Wright Jones in tow headed up for more ..hard men indeed .


Gridlock by Hootsmon.


Big turnout for a grand day in the hills . JOD ,PS ,Eamon ,Rory ,Ciaran , Mr P, Kenny ,Liz ,Alex, Brian S, Tim ,John and John ( Sco ).

From the Glen all 13 of us headed for Giant’s pad, second right , trails to the car park then switchbacks .

3 clear runs – Doc Tim , Mr P and Alex .

Into the trails and out to Yellow River .

Out to Leitrim Lodge via Penti .

Dash up to Castlebog with one clear run by Dr Kona himself .

Liz bailed out on descent luckily no emergency calls to Lanzarotte !( editors note..I think more could have been made of this ..scaredy)

Home via Penti and trails and for the more energetic another run up Fiddlers!

36 km with 1077m climb on my Strava.

If you cant see the photos below try THIS LINK


An Epic ,In Which Kenny gets his way at last .

We have been threatened with a carlingford epic for some time but we have till now managed to thwart Kenny with mediocre excuses . We could prevariacte no longer with Selkirk so soon so we caved in .
The cast was Mr P , Kenny , his Jodness, The Pilot , PS,Rory , Herself and COC.
A sunny but bitter day for the thriller route ( mostly) . Kenny set off as usual at 100mph slowed only by a superman imitation early on after which MrP took the lead . Good progress to the top of Skull Alley by which time COC, Herself and JOD decided to bale on the grounds of being useless. Home by skull alley and the greenway .
The rest headed on for the skull alley loop and back over Maeves Gap held up only by a light shower of hailstones .
No breakdowns ( aaprt from my body) not even the Santa Cruz which has spent most of its life in various repair shops.

My Garmin route HERE, Kennys to follow HERE.

New Kids and Old Goats

Big attendance today with Paul(mcp) , BT man , and JOD all returning to join Kenny , MrP , Eamon , Alex (the Kid) PS , John (sco),Rory , herself and COC .

With Selkirk looming ( could someone remind me why I signed up for that) , Kenny and MrP wanted extra climbing and Alex wanted some too having been humiliated in the climbing department at Enduro . Mr Kinbote( the goat) was skulking about somewhere also but didnt lower himself to join us.

Giants pad , second right , PS’s newly fixed bike was already giving trouble as was JOD’s , that 1 x 11 not lookin like a good investment. Switchbacks where Mr P claimed his first clean round . Alex tried to claim one also but his lie was quickly uncovered . Trails to fallow , tunnel , mast , fern gully , back up to post (losing a few here , you know who you are ). Out to saddle of Knockshee where MrP did an spectacular dismount closely followed by Rory .Drooping down towards bath , back up to fallow corner and home through Fallow . Some young kids went out to yellow water but us old goats had had enough.