Great turnout today with special guests Herr Power and Mr Oisin . Rossi reps Hugh , John and Gerry . Marchin and Nico ( apologies if spelt wrong) . Ann Duffy was on the mountain before all of us , nothing new there . Colin and Brendan also made cameo appearances .

The forecast was spot on and we stayed dry all day . There was a bit of mist at the top which miraculously disappeared as soon as we got to the top.

Gerry and John found the pace challenging on Sallys but hung in nevertheless . Chris and Paddy were sent on a wild goosechase by Doc L who still doesn’t now the route after many years , so they headed up fiddlers first and had time for a nap waiting for us to get round by Sallys .

Rowan got sent home for bad behaviour after two laps , apparently he is now drinking some lesser form of beer than Carlsberg 😉 .

The third lap is always the hardest by Tunnel/mast , despite this there were plenty of clear rounds . It has to be said a fair few hikers as well . We lost Herr Power on the way down Fern Gully and a search party had to be despatched . He was deflated when found but soon back in the groove.

The last lap up the switchbacks is always a sufferfest , however today took this to new levels with greasy roots and rocks preventing anything even approaching a clear round out of the question .

19 finishers might be a record? Great day had by all and hopefully gravel bikes put away for a while and get back with regular Saturday MTB .

COVID Slaughter 2020

Covid -Slaughter 2020

Apologies to those of you who might have wanted to do this but in view of COVID we though it better not to advertise the event.

As far as my failing memory tells me this was the 12th Slieve Martin Slaughter. Four ascents of said peak by four different routes. About 47 K with over 2200 metres of elevation. The weather had been pre-booked and I even arranged for the tide to be in at the end for a swim.

The route can be found here for those who might want to try it .

Ann, Eamon attended for the first loop as did 100%, Tim had a sick note as did herself, Peter had a work note. John (SCO), PS , the two Brian’s , Michael, Shane , Kenny and COC . The legal eagle turned up ON TIME probably only as BG dragged him and his bike remained whole for the entire event. BG had the only mechanical and no punctures.

Fabulous weather with the mountain dry, too many clean rounds to mention. I’m told we will have to do it again this year to facilitate herself and Tim 😮

Some nice photos…. this music says it all .

Slip Slidin away with Slaughter 2019

Slaughter 2019 …does what it says on the tin! Started with 15 ( and a dog) and finished with 6 , what a war of attrition . In fairness the first two laps were pretty grim with rain , and mist .Leona quit to rest for race tomorrow , Eamon punctured and needed a new tyre. Then a torrential downpour before we started the third lap put paid to Liz , Dan and a few more.

Kenny and I were swinging off the back by the end while Peter danced up again on his shiny new Giant . Big kudos to Chris who cleaned the switchbacks on the last lap , although Mr Power might disagree. He did however also provide the most entertainment on the gully ( see photos)

The weather for the last two laps was actually very pleasant with restoration of views etc , although the mountain was like an ice rink and I had several falls .

Another year another slaughter …it takes a year to forget how hard it is .

The Eleventh Slieve Martin Slaughter

I’m far too tired to entertain you with witty repartee, all I can say is it doesn’t get any easier and any clear rounds on the climbs were hard won today .
Our old friend Capt. Alex Wright joined us on loan from Ryanair , He wanted to charge us all £10 to cycle with him .Didi and Pamela started early along with Hugh ,The girls did brilliantly and knocked out the four laps . Hugh was running out of battery and had to leave after 3.

Leona got a puncture which was fixed by Al , no cause for the puncture was found and I later caught Liz trying to let the air out of her tyre 😉

Not much to say about the route which remains steadfastly unchanged . Robbie distinguished himself not only my staying for four rounds but by a descent of the gully like has never been seen …straightlining is all I can call it , I know he was in full control. Cormac was his usual gentlemanly self looking after the back markers but was also going well and you will see the shot of him launching himself off the end of the world.

Kenny …. what can I say about Kenny , despite having just been assailed by a virus which would have killed lesser mortals and despite doctors advice to quit after 3 , he steadfastly refused and finished like the true NTSR soldier he is .

PS was going so well that a call was made for drug testing , there is no knowing what these 6.1ers can be up to.

Another great day, hope I’m able to do number 12 .