A Grand Day Out

In which

  • Herself has too much air pressure , then too little , then none at all , then too much and finally just right .
  • Newbie  Ross AKA “The Whippet” finds a rigid hard tail may not be the ticket for Tullymore and takes an early flying lesson
  • Mr Hull normally a paragon of sense takes not one but two fling lessons and guides us through a lovely gorsefield , still pulling bits out now.
  • DOC Lewis AKA “the Navigator” leaves early to make sure home in time , gets lost and arrives back at Money scalp same time as us .
  • The Fat Controller was unusually super slow , must be age .
  • Of course we left no trace 😉

Next week some of the gang off to Exmoor to sample some “Pure Mountain ” delights .

Reverse Formal , or Midges in the Mist

(Eds note , you will need to be over 50 to recognise the sound track)

A loud cheer went up as Pat Dunbar appeared this morning , its a long time since this goliath of the cycling world deemed us worthy , however our joy was short lived as he nipped up to Batts wall and away from our route . A good turnout even allowing for Pat’s departure , Kenny , Tim , PS , Eamon < COC, Herself and Brian( and before you ask, yes he was late) .
Kenny called the route , Giants pad , Fallow , Reverse Formal, Road , Kilfeghan , gate , bath , col, Post , Ballynagelty , fiddlers and home .

the reverse formal is just as hard as the forward formal , very little path , enormous sheuchs , babys heads, blood sucking midges and bogs . Very technical but still about 75% rideable . It is however real mountain biking , the virtues of which have lately been extolled by none other than big Dave himself.

The descent off formal from the cairn is nothing short of fantastic , even Kenny was smiling . The climb back up from Kilfeghan especially to the gate proved too much for some and the path up to bath is a real tester even in the dry .

Kenny and Brian then successfully navigated us over to post despite the mist and the naysayers ,,,, ” you’re too high , too low etc” .

Mighty climb of Ballynagelty cairn by only doc lewis and the fantastic descent all the way home .

I’m not really missing the road at all !

Top marks to dan duffy in the fondo ..Mighty time ! I predict a sub 4 hr thriller .

Next week probably Carling ford , keep an eye on the facebook page .