BGTV swims in Scullion bypass , blames black magic

Kenny made a rare tuesday appearance , (on his new stealth machine) . He went off like a firework was up his bottom so fast up fiddlers and towards view point that he forgot to turn into the trails with the rest of us . With a fair amount of yo-hoing and yodeling we managed to retrieve him though I’m not sure why .

A quick cairn was then facilitated and off to the tunnel, after I had recovered my bike , hilariously hidden by a.n.other (SCO)

Misty spin to tunnel lightened only by BGTV swimming in the bypass , he said Liz had him under a spell , I know how he feels !

At this point we departed for home leaving the katesbridge tornado , a moist BGTV , the other doc , that damn dentist and PS to follow the trails on round.

Replacement needed for Cairnuary in Febuary…….Bikeuary has been suggested , croubuary done , and divisuary old hat . Ideas please.


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Green Bikes in Buy Out Rumour

There was some doubt as to whether there were any bikes left in Green Bikes as JOD rolled up on yet another stunning machine in full carbon/titanium/argon etc . Good job Kenny deferred his new bikes premiere to prevent his thunder being stolen .

Good crowd in attendance and as Cairnuary has been well and truly worn out we headed away to the castle bog . CK set the pace up the hill with an early break ,Sky set off in pursuit but was ridden down by Alex and COC . Dr Lewis took hideous advantage of this and attacked as soon as we caught Sky . This left COC struggling for breath and bad words.
The bog itself was frozen hard and a clear round was out of the question . Even the descent was very sketchy , and cold as we waited for Mark to repair his second puncture , Good job liz was around to lend a hand .
The real men followed round the trails and back up the cairn , god knows why . JOD and CK were seen only going home at 1.30 , Jods bike look like it needed a change.

Mr Power is rumoured to be making a comeback next week so we will need a long route ? Formal.


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A Well done Bike

Tommys Blur For Sale

Looking 1300 Ono it is the Santa Cruz cx blur full carbon size medium sram xo new wheels and tyres new brakes recently serviced  07895912017

Contact Him at :

thomas mccaul <>


Cairnaholics Anonymous Open Meeting

The route was to be “whatever you like as long as it reaches the cairn” .Cairn fever has well and truly set in . Only CK found grounds for complaint as he doesnt live in Rostrevor so thought it wasnt fair . I suggest he starts “Croubuary” in Febuary . Sky has admitted his addiction and threatened to continue as long as the month ends in “uary” . He will probably have doen another 28 next week anway.

Up the green road to  tunnel cold but pleasant , a nice glimpse of the sea from tunnell exit . The scullion bypass was well and truly closed by snow and no euros were likely to be claimed en route to the mast . Alex undoubtedly put in the best effort certainly worth not only a euro but possibly a swiss franc.

From mast across to the Cairn of course then back to fern gully which was spectacular as we glimpse of mill bay through the mist . A bit slippy at the end unfortunately our videographer did not not survive to film it.

Down through Ballyed with all trails closed due to trees down .

Home by wall . Still no sign Mr Power , surely that shed is built by now?


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