Famous Last Words

The brother took charge today for a reverse loop of Formal to undo our Wednesday trip . New boy Eamonn had every right to have been a little alarmed by the amount of hike a bike and the lack of pristine trails , but he ceratinly didnt show it and Messrs Power and Hull were kept well under control.
Just as we got halfway up Kilfeghan lane Herself was recuperating at the rear of the peleton and we heard the fatal words…….
“Who brought the Girl?”, they were out before Mark realised and his fate was sealed , he can only wait for the inevitable knife in the back .Its only a matter of time .
Across to Sallys yard by an interesting route that I suspect we may not use again!
Lost Mr P here as he ripped off his rear meck and had to roll/push home 🙁
Down Fern Gully and Ballyed , lovely dry trails . Home by the wall .
A stunning sunny day with dusty dry trails , just to get us ready for Sierra Nevada next week !
You will note that at no time did I mention Mr Scullions new tights in the above report . Enough said.Nor did I mention the Eclipse , The General Election or Rugby.

Garmin Here

Up River

A Long Explore with Christopher-Hull Robin

Kenny and I thought a late start might be the order of the day , in honour of the Saint you know. John (Sco) had agreed that even though he was starting at 9 he would circle round and meet us …snake tongue !  We met him and his hench men , Dr Lewis , Owen and Davy on the side of Knockshee , going the other way and they would not be turned .

So off we went just the two of us over sadlle of knockshee and down to the gorge . Then nurses cottage and up Milltown lane to Formal , what a geat climb especially when ahead of the Scott!

Across to fallow with difficulty , me nearly drowning in frogspawn . and home via low Fallow corner . Very pleasant and good prep for Spain!


GArmin Here



John (SCO) Relocated on New Steed

In true NTSR tradition John (SCO) took advantage of his  recent tete a tete with the board walk ,and subsequent enforced rest to do a bit of browsing and arrived today on yet another Carbon/XTR /650b beauty which strangely wil be just in time for Spain 😉

Big crowd today with The brother (but yet again no other brother ), Mr P , PS , DocL , Alex, Eamon , COC and Herself, O and of course the late Scullion. Straigforward route initially , giants pad , Fallow loop , trails to tunnel corner and tunnell. Then because of the obvious howling gale on the sea-side of the mountain we attempted a reverse bath , howver with Kenny and The COC in charge of navigation we went from too low to too high and ended up on yet another long explore through energy sapping tufty grass . Eventually emerged above Knowshee and again missed the turn down to Post , ending up back at the mast where Mr Power extracted a large tyre coral ..shame.

To avoid the wind we dropped back down to fallow corner and shamefully I departed here . Kenny will hopefully pass on the Garmin link the rest followed out towands yellow water .(thanks Kenny)