Bloody Women Everywhere!

Big turnout today especially among the ladies , First time we’ve ever had five , Ann, Liz , Pamela ,Newbie Moire AND Molly who was actually much less of a girl today . Rory and Carl also returned . BG and PS still undecided about their allegiances to other groups turned up as well . Shout out to Cormac who was unavoidably detained , still waiting for the live FB feed of that procedure ……

Route had been previously approved by the committee and was almost strictly adhered to . We climbed out of the cold fog to what was a beautiful day at the top , most of us way overdressed and there was much wardrobe adjusting .

Apart from a very tech descent to the gorge it was all very pleasant .

Great spin and especially great to have big numbers , lets keep it up.

These Boots Weren’t made for Walkin

First Snow of 2016 brought with it two newish attendees to improve our somewhat biased gender mix . Pamela returned after a long abscence and was joined by Teresa , both of them put Molly to shame and he’s off to the gym now ( ..when he recovers).

The advertised route started well with switchbacks , out to post and back up Sallys to mast . Dropping down to Fallow Corner for a lovely descent to the Nurses cottage . Bar one river crossing all rideable . Dropped down to Kilfeghan lane and up to gate below Knockshee . At this point there was dissention from planned route and Kenny thought it would be better to stay on south face of knockshee , Seamus then entered the fray with route advice . Upshot was a good route but a fair amount of hike a bike.

Met a clatter of 6.1ers who looked somewhat lost without their leader BG . Four of them were fixing a bike and there was talk by Paul Stewart about how many 6.1ers required to change a light bulb! In fact they were just changing batteries on the E-Bike.
Home by Fern Gully and along the wall . A great spin even allowing for the pedestrian section . With a bit of work a great route and one maybe to try in reverse.

Sad Times

We were all shocked to hear of the untimely passing of Gerry McCabe , A gentleman and a tremendous athlete . Our thoughts are with his brothers Johnny and Declan and all his family . We had a moment of reflection at the top of Finlieve lane , a place I am sure he would have loved.

Nice route today with the new descent off finlieve and back up kilfeaghan along the river to fallow .

Old Faces , New Faces and Early Starters.

Facebook was alive with discussion as to what time to start . Kenny was under orders to be home for 11 ..or else. We never found out what the “or else” was but he was very subdued and didn’t ridicule my new steed nearly as much as I expected . He managed however to coalesce ( Tim’s word not mine) an elite crew including John (SCO) , Mr Power and Doc Lewis to start at 8. Tim was also under the thumb today for some undisclosed reason and departed early.

the rest of us met at the approved hour at the Glen and lo and behold were greeted but the return of Mr Cooper (E) who has not been seen for what seems like years , hopefully it won’t be a flash in the pan. Also joined by Mr O who eloped from the Rossi for the day , tranfer fees will have to be discussed. Paul came back for more punishment and Mr Scullion was even on time …I kid you not.

What a day , sunshine and dry trails , Burma , Sallys Yard stopping only to greet a wayward bunch of 6.1ers. Mast , down by the Gully which Paul was properly introduced to , Fallow , Into trails at tunnel road , over to Red Bog diverting only to view the sheep pen with a few to a new trail from Castle Bog. Home via trails and wall .

Great day with good crowd , hopefully a sign of things to come.