No Thrills Today

Today was planned for a thriller practice but Cormac’s Mummy forgot to pack his shoes and helmet and He would have sulked if we went without him so we stayed chez nous.

Just Kenny, john (sco) , Paddy . herself and COC turned up for a pacy spin with Paddy and Kenny setting a fast pace up to Castle Bog , Back down to Giants Pad where I had a puncture but only after I and my bike had been liberally sprayed with tyre gunk which did not seal the hole in a brand new tyre 🙁 . Johns Co2 exploded so the call went out for a pump . Paddy produced what he had been told was a pump . It could have come in a christmas cracker . So 4 hours later when the tyre had reached 20psi we set off up to second right for a lash at the switchbacks , no clears again!  Then out to trails and cutting into tunnel to earn at least a couple of Euro to the mast . At this stage Herself, COC and Paddy baled while Kenny who had nothing better to do dragged John on for another few hours , the thriller will be easy!


Return of the Prodigal Son

At last we were rejoined by the prodigal Mr Kinbote , unfortunately there was no fatted calf to slaughter so Power slaughtered us instead.

Big Loop..second right , shortcut , switch backs ( no clears) , mast , Missing post , post to Knockshee , bath , half way to fallow , sharp right to cross the river at the gully , droping down to the nurses cottage , up a dryish Dans Whites dander and into Fallow , Across trails to yellow water , reverse castle bog and home at last …slaughtered.

Sighting of Big Dave and herself in the area so expect report of massive loops from them .

Alex was unable to stick the pace , driven by his enduro addiction to head for Penti. Pauls’ cruz met its twin today and there was much comparing of bearing notes .

Need a triller loop soon.If you cant see photos below click here