SLAUGHTER XV (2021)Its looking like Saturday 16th October 9 am, so loads of time to train 🙂 .

Starting point forest office .

A Reminder*It is NOT a race , not even a sportive , nor a challenge . If you want any of these see Mr McMahon .

* At the risk of boring you let me just reiterate and apologise in advance for shouting IT IS NOT A RACE.

*It IS a group cycle, consider it a long day out on the bike. If you are fast go down to the back and encourage someone, don’t spend half a hour waiting at the top getting cold and grumpy.

*There is no entrance fee and hence no support , insurance ,food , t-shirt,medal, buff , plastic bag full of sh*te or any responsibility taken, although we would (usually) consider it bad form to leave someone behind.

*It is a hard day out both for you and the bike . Make sure both are well prepared and have adequate spares/tubes/food etc.

*Because its four loops you can leave most food etc at the bottom as you will pass on each loop.

*Leave no Trace …at all, bar your tyre print .There are no markers or signs ..just keep up!

*Wear a helmet ( the only rule) ,in fact bar the helmet we are quite happy for you to be totally naked . This is NOT because we care about you or for your safety in any way , its just we don’t like the sight of blood ! Similarly ,If you feel you might need a first aid kit bring one along.

*Respect other mountain users , walkers /runners , because we might be a big group especially on the descents..remember point 1.

*When in pain ..SMILE .

*Grumpy cyclists need not apply ( with the exception of Kenny)


COVID Slaughter 2020

Covid -Slaughter 2020

Apologies to those of you who might have wanted to do this but in view of COVID we though it better not to advertise the event.

As far as my failing memory tells me this was the 12th Slieve Martin Slaughter. Four ascents of said peak by four different routes. About 47 K with over 2200 metres of elevation. The weather had been pre-booked and I even arranged for the tide to be in at the end for a swim.

The route can be found here for those who might want to try it .

Ann, Eamon attended for the first loop as did 100%, Tim had a sick note as did herself, Peter had a work note. John (SCO), PS , the two Brian’s , Michael, Shane , Kenny and COC . The legal eagle turned up ON TIME probably only as BG dragged him and his bike remained whole for the entire event. BG had the only mechanical and no punctures.

Fabulous weather with the mountain dry, too many clean rounds to mention. I’m told we will have to do it again this year to facilitate herself and Tim 😮

Some nice photos…. this music says it all .

Santa 2019

In which …

  • Teresa gets onto the naughty list and will definitely be getting coal ( or stabilisers) for Christmas for suggesting that COC might be better on an E-Bike ……the very thought .
  • Leona tries ( and fails) to fly but does a good superwoman impression.
  • Robbie is welcomed back after a long absence , full of his usual banter and witty repartee ( slaggin)
  • Tim fails to convince his children that MTB is better than TV
  • Cormac pays a flying visit as “black” santa
  • Eamon leaves early to “fix a toilet seat” , possibly the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard.
  • Herself raises the stakes in racy Mrs Claus outfits.
  • Kenny didn’t complain at all , or was my hearing aid off?
  • Scullion made a lte appearance having been struck down by a bug MUCH worse than everyone else.
  • Our entire xmas supply of mince pies and christmas cake is GONE!
  • There may be a connection between the last two items

Happy Christmas to all , some calendars still left .

Usual Spin next Saturday 28/12/19

  • Departure for “sunrise spin” 7.45 am from glen gates 1/1/20


A Royal Visit

With Doc L off doing his first ( 300k) audax ride anything we did was going to be tame in comparison . However our chief elevationist returned from Deutschland to keep us honest . Peter ,having sustained rib fractures in his attempt to take out Kenny last weekend  might have been expected to slow down a little but no , add McMahon into the mix and you know that its going to be a day of two groups. PS, herself , Scullion and COC took up the rear position for a climb to fallow corner , slieve meel , trenches , red bog and back down to Batts . Castle bog climb and home by ulster way . Managed to dodge the rain .

Cormac and Peter stayed out to make sure they got 1000m no doubt , we settled for 790m