Santa 2019

In which …

  • Teresa gets onto the naughty list and will definitely be getting coal ( or stabilisers) for Christmas for suggesting that COC might be better on an E-Bike ……the very thought .
  • Leona tries ( and fails) to fly but does a good superwoman impression.
  • Robbie is welcomed back after a long absence , full of his usual banter and witty repartee ( slaggin)
  • Tim fails to convince his children that MTB is better than TV
  • Cormac pays a flying visit as “black” santa
  • Eamon leaves early to “fix a toilet seat” , possibly the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard.
  • Herself raises the stakes in racy Mrs Claus outfits.
  • Kenny didn’t complain at all , or was my hearing aid off?
  • Scullion made a lte appearance having been struck down by a bug MUCH worse than everyone else.
  • Our entire xmas supply of mince pies and christmas cake is GONE!
  • There may be a connection between the last two items

Happy Christmas to all , some calendars still left .

Usual Spin next Saturday 28/12/19

  • Departure for “sunrise spin” 7.45 am from glen gates 1/1/20