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Paul cycles up the hen track river

sat18jan, a set on Flickr.

Todays headline might well refer to the effect of temperature on male nether regions or to the cock up at NTSR towers that saw us realise at about one minute to 9 that herself’s rear shock bolt was awol . A messy bike change and off towards Fallow where further disaster struck the COC with a disintegrating pedal forcing a return to head office for a change, pausing only to take off the wrong pedal :-0  . Regrouping at Batts wall when the others had done a fallow loop and across red bog . It was so miserable and cold that we decided to do a straight run up the road (YES) to the hen track (which was a river) , up and down and straight home …absolutely soaked and frozen .

My Garmin link bears no resemblance to what the group did.

Next week is CCAR2

Ladies Day

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sat11jan, a set on Flickr.

If ever there was a day to be on the mountain this was it . Cold with frost and a dusting of snow but lovely sun ..remember that?
Overrun with ladies today makes a nice change and all cycling well . Claire joined us for the first time and had the nerve to admit that after ** years living in Rostrevor this was her first time atop Slievemartin..SHAME . Didi made a welcome return but those socks are banned by the committee. Cormac slept in , no alarm my foot and arrived at Knockshee without getting his heart rate over 40 . So easy was today that both him and Kinbote were seen just finishing at 3 pm…god help us in wales . The banbridgers returned to show us some style and engage us with witty repartee and clever anecdotes. I have booked them into some nice accomodation in wales or was it scotland? .

Great route HERE