Tuesday 27th August The 5 p’s

The 5 P’s (  Poor Preparation Promises Poor Performance) of any sport were lacking from a few contenders tonight who sauntered up without lights . The autumn has crept up on us and with a 7 O’Clock start by 8.30 the trails in the trees are just too dark for safety .

Good squad tonight for a rattle up the switchbacks just to warm up McMahon devastated to see an auld boy ahead of him get a clear round , he’s obviously not training hard enough 😉

Pamela flying tonight after her great performance in Carlingford as was BG on his big wheels. PS has obviously holidayed to hard and resorted to pretending JOD was behind him to get a rest, shame on you PS .

From the switchbacks on to the trails and down the black to fallow corner , out to slieve meel where the  lumen challenged riders had to roll down to the ulster way . BGTV and Kenny led the charge over Red Bog .They might be still out there even as I write!

Still no date agreed for the Slaughter ..dictator mode may have to be applied .

Photos Here 



Saturday 10th August 101%

The Clarion call was all but ignored today as only Seamus(100%) White and the cyclist formerly known as the Fat Controller turned up. Under recent EU legislation I can no longer be referred to as Fat and must henceforth be known as COC (Clinically Obese Controller)
Never have I witnessed such a list of excuses ..in order of ascending acceptability.

“Waiting for my car to be serviced”
“six month old groin strain”
“feeling less than magnificent”
“being a passenger in a car rally”
“Walking the seven sevens”
“running the seven sevens”
“On holidays”
“Da cooley thriller practice”

Sea and I flew the flag with a climb straight up to top of fallow loop , into trails as far as tunnel road , half way to mast then left to bath and knockshee.Bach to Sallys and up to post , wrong way to top of switchbacks , onto trails and towards fallow . Cut left into black run , disaster struck Sea here who by now was about 89% when rear mech lost battle with large rock .Ot of action and forced freewheel home. Had intended to finish off with trail loop but still 3 hrs and 2900 feet climbing not bad.

I suspect big crowd heading for Da Cooley Triller next week.

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