Great turnout today with special guests Herr Power and Mr Oisin . Rossi reps Hugh , John and Gerry . Marchin and Nico ( apologies if spelt wrong) . Ann Duffy was on the mountain before all of us , nothing new there . Colin and Brendan also made cameo appearances .

The forecast was spot on and we stayed dry all day . There was a bit of mist at the top which miraculously disappeared as soon as we got to the top.

Gerry and John found the pace challenging on Sallys but hung in nevertheless . Chris and Paddy were sent on a wild goosechase by Doc L who still doesn’t now the route after many years , so they headed up fiddlers first and had time for a nap waiting for us to get round by Sallys .

Rowan got sent home for bad behaviour after two laps , apparently he is now drinking some lesser form of beer than Carlsberg 😉 .

The third lap is always the hardest by Tunnel/mast , despite this there were plenty of clear rounds . It has to be said a fair few hikers as well . We lost Herr Power on the way down Fern Gully and a search party had to be despatched . He was deflated when found but soon back in the groove.

The last lap up the switchbacks is always a sufferfest , however today took this to new levels with greasy roots and rocks preventing anything even approaching a clear round out of the question .

19 finishers might be a record? Great day had by all and hopefully gravel bikes put away for a while and get back with regular Saturday MTB .


SLAUGHTER XV (2021)Its looking like Saturday 16th October 9 am, so loads of time to train 🙂 .

Starting point forest office .

A Reminder*It is NOT a race , not even a sportive , nor a challenge . If you want any of these see Mr McMahon .

* At the risk of boring you let me just reiterate and apologise in advance for shouting IT IS NOT A RACE.

*It IS a group cycle, consider it a long day out on the bike. If you are fast go down to the back and encourage someone, don’t spend half a hour waiting at the top getting cold and grumpy.

*There is no entrance fee and hence no support , insurance ,food , t-shirt,medal, buff , plastic bag full of sh*te or any responsibility taken, although we would (usually) consider it bad form to leave someone behind.

*It is a hard day out both for you and the bike . Make sure both are well prepared and have adequate spares/tubes/food etc.

*Because its four loops you can leave most food etc at the bottom as you will pass on each loop.

*Leave no Trace …at all, bar your tyre print .There are no markers or signs ..just keep up!

*Wear a helmet ( the only rule) ,in fact bar the helmet we are quite happy for you to be totally naked . This is NOT because we care about you or for your safety in any way , its just we don’t like the sight of blood ! Similarly ,If you feel you might need a first aid kit bring one along.

*Respect other mountain users , walkers /runners , because we might be a big group especially on the descents..remember point 1.

*When in pain ..SMILE .

*Grumpy cyclists need not apply ( with the exception of Kenny)