Join Us…

We meet at 9:00 am every Saturday in the year at the Fairy Glen bridge in Rostrevor and cycle locally for about 3 hours. Although we don’t race (unless of course I get to win) you do need to be reasonably fit. Our rides are much more XC than DH and out and out downhiller’s will be disappointed, and probably left behind on the uphill!

We also do a night cycle in the winter, we meet same place at 7.00 pm on Tuesdays, your lights will need to last two hours at least.

You should come prepared:

  • Water and food for 3 hours
  • Tubes and tools etc.
  • Appropriate clothing

As regards fitness, while we are are mostly “old boys” Some  of us are invariably training for one adventure race or another and we have been trying to up the pace a bit and reduce stops.

That said you are welcome to join us any day, you may well be faster/fitter than us. If you are off the pace we can (on some routes) suggest various short cuts that might allow you to dip in and out.

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