A Powerful Route but no sign of Riley .



Riley was to join us today as part of his world travels but having heard Mr Power was in charge of the route he excused himself , unfortunately Drew had not been appraised of same and turned up like a lamb to the slaughter .

The route gave us climbing , alittle bit more climbing , some hard technical , some very hard technical and the very occaisional bit of downhill . Mr P lead as usual from the front with Keeeeeny ( as in Stena) taking up second in command . Doc Lewis on his New Steel steed just didnt have the measure of them , the rest of us ( Pilot/COC/Drew /Rory/Herself knew our place at the rear .

Alex cried and cried and cried till someone went to the magic carpet with him at the end even if it did mean going back up the tunnell , at that stage most of us would have needed a magic carpet to get home.

Good luck to Drew on his Rotterdam to Berlin cycle which after today will be wee buns!


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