Legal Eagle Returns

Low turnout today with Kenny recovering from a night out on the club orange , Mr Power cycling backwards round the ring of Kerry , PS and JOD off with the enemy in Morzine . Alex , COC and Herself started and were joined late ( as is he wont ) by none other than Mr B Scullion after a long abscence caused by head butting a rock . However he was back in great shape and with the SLAUGHTER imminent we felt a few climbs in order. So Burma , Sallys where we were stopped by an irate but pleasant farmer . He reported many incidents of fence damage and even fence cutting which he attributes rightly or wrongly to MTBERS . Surely there is no excuse for damaging property , lift your bike over and find a good place to cross . We must respect the privilige of cycling on the mountain. Onward to the mast dropping to tunnel and trails . Down to second right and up the switchbacks. Alex was nearest to a clean round but they are getting thin on the ground . Up to the cairn for a photo and home . Leaving Alex to a bit of Magic .




Scullion on his own Bypass

The Last Post

Unfortunately I have to report bad news . Our occaisional member Paul McParland who worked abroad but joined us when on holidays and a regular on the sunrise run passed away unexpectedly yesterday . As might be expected from anyone who knew him it was just after a triathlon , a sport he lived and breathed. Our thoughts are with his family ,Mary , Helen and Paul .

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Herself in a class of her own

The day could not not have been better , the mountain dry .NTSR team in full strength.
JOD,John(sco) ,Kenny ,MR KINBOTE (YES), Cormac, Paddy, Paul,Doc Lewis,Alex, Herself and the COC. Big field not sure how many but looked near 300.
The traditional loop of the village had the added attraction of a cowboy on a horse, i never got near enough to the front to verify this but if Johhny says it must be so!
Results were very impressive , Cormac flying in 3:15 , hopefully gainful employment will slow him down a bit, The Hulls both sub 4 hours smiles all round . Alex was third in sports class 🙂 and herself having harrassed Johhny enough was presented with first place in the newly created category of “Elite Female Vintage Vet” .I have immediately confiscated her winnings to pay for impending legal action by the poor man who had the misfortune to knock her off her bike …never wise. He should get out of intensive psychiatric care soon .
Great day , thanks to Johnny and all his marshalls and volunteers who have yet again sorted a great event.


This was to be the last Saturday spin before the triller , A good hard route had been proposed and accepted . However Mr Hull indulged in a bit of facebook trolling full in the knowledge that he was away rallying ……cheek!
there was some discussion if this was infact true , perhaps he and his intended were off to the BLISS Festival in Warrenpoint . We await word from our mole and any absentees today have be noted !

Big route see HERE

All went well untill Liz ran out of petrol on way back from Castle bog . That left just the four of us , Power , Stuart , SCO and COC . It was a fight for last place on the road . I was never so glad to see the top of Sallys yard!

See you all next week in Carlingford , Hope we get a bit of sun .

A Sting in the Tale

Triller practice was overdue and Mr Power had rallied the troops. PS,Kenny,Tim, JOD , Liz and H set off from Carlingford on what is undoubtedly teh best day of the summer so far .It only rained twice.
JOD was flagging from early on and no matter how many cave men he ate he couldnt keep up with Cormac’s incessant call for speed. He left us above ravensdale ,hope hes home by now and tucking into a nice wild boar #paleofail.
This left a problem for (some of) the rest of us ..who was going to be last man or woman?This duty rotated nicely between herself , the COC and latterly PS who succumbed to cramp while the rest of us only had mild flirtations with that affliction.
Liz annoyed a nest of wasps or some other stinging thing and soon was at the front with her assailant in pursuit!
Kenny was then annoyed that Liz had been stung and felt neglected. Thankfully an “ENORMOUS” and no doubt deadly thing lodged itself under his helmet strap and made sure he felt included by stinging him with interest .
Moving time was 4h30 which would be ok for me anyday!
Onward to PJ’s for chowder , Tim ,Kenny and Cormac left in a hump without so much as a by your leave time we are going the pub boys OK ?

Ps a familiar vehicle was seen in the carpark and we suspect mr c kinbote had formed an earlier sight of him all day however.