The End of The World

The End Of the World is Nigh Beautiful.

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In Which Kenny takes a seat quite a lot , Liz loses a pedal , John Loses his nerve and Kinbote loses the rest of us.

More Slaughter prep today with another Kinbote inspired loop with 4500 feet of climbing . We detoured to pick up Scullion and Charles but no sign of either till much later .Then up to the stone via fiddlers and view point held up by a few mechanicals. From the top back to the post and over Ballynagelty . The views were superb . John and Pamela took a fair bit of coaxing to get them down however.

Wild and rocky down the back of cloughmore stone , and out to the badgers claw .Then dropping down to foresters office and up yet again via the horse track and second right . Kinbote claims an almost clean run on the switchbacks but I for one saw him cheat . Then out to Knockshee losing Liz to pedal failure on the way . Back to Fallow and home for all bar Alex by the forest road.

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Glenloughan Lane ..Wheely Good Spin.

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At the instruction of Mr Charles Kinbote a long spin was in order , what with Slaughter impending . So we headed first for Sallys Yard , losing Seamus before we started .As soon as her heard the route he discovered his wheels were only 75% full of air and forgot he needed to have a hair cut or some such. Next to bale ( or so we thought )was Charles who reported a number of excuses worthy of an entire chapter of Dunbars Tome of excuses. He headed back down Sallys for home, however a sudden second wind persuaded him to head directly out the road to Glenloughan and up the lane ahead of us.

As usual Mr Kinbote and Mr Power  ( who remained only half dressed throughout the day) doled out the punishment at the front and waited atop every rise for the arrival of the also rans.

Our next challenge on Finlieve was to find the Fallow, Visibilty was poor and more importantly Eddy the Navigator was AWOL . With a bit of tooing and froing the COC and CK ( those initials make an interesting combo)  managed between them to get us right to Fallow corner .

Here we lost Tim and Brian who had “work to do” . The rest of us headed over Slieve Meel on the trails to Yellow Water and home from there. Nearly 4000 ft of climbing will surely pay off on 26th October.

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Starts 9am sharp at Forest Office Rostrevor .

The route remains unchanged ..tradition you know .

Rules .

1.This is not a race. Anyone who treats it as such will have to speak to Mr Power.

2 This is not a race.

3 Helmets compulsory

4.Make sure both your bike and you are fit for 2400m of climbing over 46KM.

5.Bring enough food /water /spares  for 6 hours .

6 Start Training NOW .

There is no entry fee and no official organisation ,maps, route marking etc .


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The Rain has Arrived , Sat 7th September

I Cant remember the last rain.. misty , wet , freezing . Power .Kinbote ,Kenny ,Alex, Liz ,Pam and Gary not forgetting moi. Practice for the slaughter . To the top via the stone ( “the hard way”) round the glen ,At this point gary decided more training needed and left for the trails . Rest of us over the top to tunnel , hop into the trails . Back round to second right where we turned left ,( Kenny the navigator couldn’t get his head round this) .Up the swtchbacks where not even the superior power and skill of mr Power could manage a clean round .Then onto the trails again to Fallow dropping down to slieve meel for the hard ones . Home for me ..FROZEN .. BTW ignore everything that has been said about the slaughter to date . The day WILL be changing .


Tuesday NIte Spin ..CASTLE BOG ..DRY

Beautiful Night , Ulster way to Castle Bog , race to top always fun , dry as a desert at top , down to Fence with Sean and Eamon practicing somersaults , then John on new giant ( the Kona having near disintegrated) threw himself over bars and on top of poor Sean , send it back I say . Home on ulster way , twill be a long time before we get another night like that.