Windy Spin with just the four of us .

With the 6.1ers having waited for a nice summers day (not) for their mepic to Finlieve , we took our own councel and decided that a gentle spin nearer to home was best .

Kenny was just back from the strip and insisting the jet lag was all due to jets and not any late nite gambling action. Mr Power was on a rest day so he can cycle 2000km or so tomorrow as he ramps up his grand fondo preparation. herslf and the COC were therefore only hangers on . Coc having decided wisely to abandon any thoughts of a road spin with the wind .

Quick dart up to tunnel and  mast with Kenny’s jet lag insufficient to prevent a clear round , then dropping down to the trails for a red loop to keep us out of the weather .

Home early .

Wish me luck for the bundoran spin with the Rossi next week , and if you feel inclined drops us a small donation at ….our just giving page


Best wishes to the Scullmeister after his nasty fall , that running is very dangerous !Maybe he should take up a safer sport like skydiving.