All Together Now

Brilliant Day , sunshine but nippy in places.
In Which:

  • Mullah Power declares a Fatwa on E-Bike Owners .
  • Mr Scullion conquers Ballynagelty and gets it in the Conkers soon after .
  • Kenny (6.1) signs transfer papers to NTSR .
  • JOD refuses to sign while Fatwa in place .
  • We all laugh a lot at PS’s story about going to chain reaction to ask about a new bike and being offered an E-Bike .
  • COC makes a cock of it several times and ends up horizontal.
  • Eamon pushes a bike .

Great spin ( see route) . MR’s Power and Hull did an early loop to the Stone but were apparently none the worse for it ,Up Sallys , right to shoulder , down towards bath and left to Fallow Corner stopping only to fall off a few times. It was wild slippy and wet under tyre. Tunnell , Mast where we met two lonesome 6.1ers who requested membership papers . We negotiated a trial period . It would appear that JOD has just got too damn fast for the 6.1ers and they are looking rid of him . Not likely to be a cheap transfer fee however. Over to Ballynagelty where Scullion did a masterful ascent with no dabs , all the more impressive with the slippy grass. However pride came before a fall as he subsequently did an impressive fishtail skid and landed on that very sensitive part of your body which is best not talked about. Down the rocky road and on to Badgers where John (SCO) held us up badly . Home stopping only for Kenny to Pose for official photograph.


Mr Powers Magical Mystery Tour

Mr Hull was away early today , no doubt watching oval balls later on . Mr Power by default was in charge of the Posse , who were
Mr Power ..Tour Guide and mobile encyclopedia of Bike catalogues.
Mr White.. Hole detector and depth measurer.
Mr Murray..Laundry monitor
Mr Macklin .. Sweeper
Miss Tinnelly ..Asst. to Mr Macklin
Mrs McLaughlin ..Conscientious Objector
Mr Scullion..Legal advice
Dr Lewis ..Assistant bike parts advisor specializing in parts no one else wants .
Mr Stewart..26inch test pilot
COC ..mostly responsible for anything that went wrong

We were to see Mr Powers new trails today and were all very excited , Straight to Batts wall on to leitrim lodge , myself pausing only twice to fall off and into the river.On up towards pierces castle at a fair old lick . Dr Lewis cheated at the top taking the shortcut on the last hairpin to beat MrP to the top ( I made that up cos obviously I wasnt there yet) . Over wall and dropping down to fence and into Mr Powers new kingdom on the right . definitely some potential but needs a few bridges and a good trim . Over for and up to red bog for more newish trails badly needed to replace the old trail which is all but destroyed . Out at the top of the long mile and here there was dissent . We were very bold children and nipped across the trails backwards to Fallow so we didn’t lose the height . Abject apologies to the three cyclists we inconvenienced. I type this from the naughty corner .
Round to tunnel and up to mast where we met William on his E bike and all had a spin ..WOW great piece of kit . However MR P was not at all amused and will veto any suggestion that NTSR allow presence of same on our spins! .
Quick Cairn and home by the bin run …great day out.


A motley crew gathered at the Glen at 8am , Doc Lewis , Kenny , Herself , COC ,Davy (without child) , a Rossi Representative (John) and a cross dressing 6.1er ( BG in an NTSR Jersey) . Santa had obviously been to BG’s for Xmas and delivered a shiny new Hard Tail This will put the cat among the pigeons in the 6.1ers.

Second right , switchbacks at a snails pace for me as Daves big day out had taken its toll on my legs . Cairnuaryers had beaten us to the top but our timing was near perfect as the first Sunrise of 2017 appeared from beneath a big bank of cloud .Joined by Rowan , Brian , Dierdre and Lucky for photos . Closest I’m going to get to a religious moment this year . Stunning , even Kenny smiled.

Home smartly by the Glen .

Happy new year to all who cycle with us or just laugh at our juvenile adventures.