Big day out .. Donegal roads are heavy!

Stayed in fairly poor B n B in Grange last night , above pub on main road. Suffice to say no room to park a Bentley outside. They didn’t do food on a Monday night so we phoned for a takeaway which never turned up. Pot noodle was the result 👀

Good weather today again but cold cold wind .

Diverted to mullaghmore

Then on to rossknowlagh for a lovely dip

Bundoran to be avoided at all costs but feel free to stop at Ballyshannon. Beautiful.


On to Donegal and Killybegs. Had not really left enough in the tank for the Glengesh pass but managed any way. There was scope for disharmony but we kept it together.

In Ardara tonight , went to Nancys pub for dinner. The owner(Charlie) sat down beside us , turns out he knows Michael Morrow well. he put away about 6 rums while we had our dinner.


🚦 Green

ASSS= 1 plus 🧐

Wordle 3/6 Champion AGAIN

Rathmullan tomorrow.