Wrong Tyre Choice…a COC up

Folllowing the rear mech failure on Saturday the COC ran into some difficulty straight away.   The wheel fitted to his hard tail replacement ,while spinning nicely in the bike stand ran into some difficulty when subjected to the slight weight of the fine physical specimen  that is the COC. Some tyre wall  deformiity ( probably faulty ) caused the tyre to rub on the chainstays and forced abandonment . But not for long …as the others , PS , Davy ,Owen and John headed to Fallow loop , the COC raced home and grabbing the first wheel he could , unfortunately a 720 C with a cyclocross tyre , lashed after the group to meet at the bridge in Fallow . The wheel in question while speedy on the climbs was interesting on rocky trails and considerable skill was required to avoid a pinch as Davy led at a ferocious pace across to red bog / yellow water.

So why have a 26er , a 650B or even a 29er when you can have a 26/720er .

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