Two Bogs , A Birthday and an Anniversary


For this special day to celebrate Scottish John’s half century AND Mr Powers first NTSR anniversary ( whats the first anniversary ..Mud?) Mr Kinbote had suggested a voyage to Castle Bog , to make it more interesting we started off up the long mile to enter the trails at Red Bog , Mr’s Power and Kinbote as usual led the field by half a mile while chatting about the weight difference between a M781 and an M780. How this conversation could last for 15 minutes I do not know .  Over to the ford and dropping down to Ulster way .

John ( irish) , then cheated by going out onto the road and hence had a good headstart up the climb to Castle Bog , however you know who wrere having none of it and overhauled him in two shakes of a Kinbotes tail.

Some time later Mr Stewart arrived having armed himself with a good copy of Mr Dunbars tome of excuses .

John (Scottish) then produced a bottle of Champagne to Toast his 50th Birthday . There was no danger of any of us getting over the limit such was its volume. Much dissapointment when a cake was not also forthcoming , shame on you Sharon.

Turning right at the wall for a change and picking our way down to the fence , good crack . Then disaster struck the COC with rear mech explosion threatening to take out the back wheel as well , currently in intensive care at GREEN BIKES. Chain and rear mech had to come off and the long scoot down the newtown road 🙁

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