Child of Prague in Kidnap Scandal.

Saturday 25th April , you might thing we were well into spring, but no some depraved person has stolen my child of Prague with catastrophic results …SNOW FFS.

Mr Power well attired for the conditions in his shorts and t shirt, The Brother , Eamon , Rory , John (Sco) ,PS, Herself , Alex and COC made up the band ready to brave the conditions , made all the harder after the recent good spell .

Kenny called the route ,Giants Pad , losing Eamon to early retirement , (as soon as heard about the loss of the Child of P he turned to start the search) . Tunnel to mast which was actually riding very well with a nce tail wind , clear rounds for everyone except Kenny I think , he tried to blame me as usual despite showing him a fine line to bypass the bypass .

Liz took pre-emptive action to avoid hypothermia as the snow started at the mast and baled early .The rest of us headed to fern gully and ballyedmond . Burma to fiddlers where frozen fingers and toes led to rebellion with John ( SCO) , PS , CoC and Rory dropping down to home .
With Selkirk in mind Power and Hull with Wright Jones in tow headed up for more ..hard men indeed .