BGTV swims in Scullion bypass , blames black magic

Kenny made a rare tuesday appearance , (on his new stealth machine) . He went off like a firework was up his bottom so fast up fiddlers and towards view point that he forgot to turn into the trails with the rest of us . With a fair amount of yo-hoing and yodeling we managed to retrieve him though I’m not sure why .

A quick cairn was then facilitated and off to the tunnel, after I had recovered my bike , hilariously hidden by a.n.other (SCO)

Misty spin to tunnel lightened only by BGTV swimming in the bypass , he said Liz had him under a spell , I know how he feels !

At this point we departed for home leaving the katesbridge tornado , a moist BGTV , the other doc , that damn dentist and PS to follow the trails on round.

Replacement needed for Cairnuary in Febuary…….Bikeuary has been suggested , croubuary done , and divisuary old hat . Ideas please.


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