Green Bikes in Buy Out Rumour

There was some doubt as to whether there were any bikes left in Green Bikes as JOD rolled up on yet another stunning machine in full carbon/titanium/argon etc . Good job Kenny deferred his new bikes premiere to prevent his thunder being stolen .

Good crowd in attendance and as Cairnuary has been well and truly worn out we headed away to the castle bog . CK set the pace up the hill with an early break ,Sky set off in pursuit but was ridden down by Alex and COC . Dr Lewis took hideous advantage of this and attacked as soon as we caught Sky . This left COC struggling for breath and bad words.
The bog itself was frozen hard and a clear round was out of the question . Even the descent was very sketchy , and cold as we waited for Mark to repair his second puncture , Good job liz was around to lend a hand .
The real men followed round the trails and back up the cairn , god knows why . JOD and CK were seen only going home at 1.30 , Jods bike look like it needed a change.

Mr Power is rumoured to be making a comeback next week so we will need a long route ? Formal.


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