After an overdose of cairns ,Kenny insisted ( and for once we agreed) that an expedition was in order . The usual argument ensued about the start time and location ( which Kenny lost as usual ) .
Leaving the pub formerly known as Davey’s we headed up the road and onto the mountain . The lane on the map was more like a river bed with the river still in it , but we persevered ,and thanks to the fine navigation of Mr Hull we made it to the Mast where the wind chill was sufficient to turn at least one of the girls back home at this stage .
So Liz left and Tim remained for a while eventually baling in the direction of Skull alley. How I wished I had joined him as we slipped and slithered first down and then up parts of the yellow brick road .
Mr Power led a ferocious charge up the poc fada hill with Robbie not far behind, fuelled only by butter and mini pizzas. From the mast we headed back the way we came ( after a short discussion) which was wet ,slippy and full of babies heads but great fun nevertheless.

Maybe not an epic in distance or time but my legs are singing epic loud and clear.