Doc Lewis is nothing if not consistent …consistently just in a slightly different orbit than the rest of us . His hardtail today was adorned with a rear mudguard that would not have looked out of place on a Harley Davidson. It unfortunately added to the crime of his front mudguard rather than restoring any sort of natural balance. It has to be said however that it does not slow him down AT ALL .
New Paul was somewhat under par today , attempts to blame a floating seatpost were taken with a pinch of salt . Herself had taken 1ml too much red wine last night and that was her excuse . John (SCO) had no excuse other than a bad case of clergymans knee which is rare in a dentist ! These three departed early after a climb to fiddlers , view point , stone , glen, trails to Fallow . The rest of us , Kenny , Robbie , John (bangor) Doc L , COC and PS headed to tunnel and mast . Clean rounds for PS and COC , very nearly for John (bangor) but rules are rules John . Kenny claimed injury but none of us believed him . Tim got tangled up in his mudguard.
Mast to fern gulley and down to low ballyedmond gate , Back up to mast and home by various routes . A good Slaughter prep day alright .

THE BIG QUESTION IS ……WHERE IS MR POWER ??? Answers on a postcard to What Mudguard Monthly