Good Santa , Bad Santa and RAL 9005 Santa along with assorted helpers

A big turnout today , supplemented with a smattering of ROSSI , A Horse and a Hound , A Ross and a Rusty . The Santa Costumes were variable to say the least with the least designer santa being a designer ! Mr Scullion had the look of a UFC fighter and I for one would not cross him.

Up to tunnell with a steady pace led by Mr Power AKA 9005 Santa . ( trying to be politically correct there) No clear rounds to mast on a slippy climb , halfway to Knockshee turning right for post , lead astray by Rowan ( GPS for XMAS) McMahon) , down fern gully where Les and Liz gave a poor account of themselves with some sideways action. Dropping down atlantic to wall and home . NTSR towers for mince pies and beverages . Much cheer and festive spirit .

The staff at NTSR would wish you all a happy and peaceful christmas and a healthy and two wheeled new year.

Only 9 sleeps till Santa brings that new bike.

Or in some cases he came early ,with Doc Lewis arriving on yet another Lime green aberration . It took the cycling industry 25 years to get round to good suspension ,but oh no …its back to rigid all round for the good doctor , I hope he has no loose fillings .
Kenny had been diverted to carve a turkey somewhere but his right hand man made up for it and led us ( literally) over castle bog , which was a slippery mess . Red Bog , through trees to trails , back to giants pad , up switchbacks ( not even nearly a clear round) , cairn and home by Glen and river walk . John( SCO) , Robbie and the right honourable Scullion made up the numbers.
Next Saturday is Santa Saturday ( Hoorah) , compulsory fancy dress , retiring to NTSR towers afterwards. Calendars are ready.



December Arrives on time Scullion Late

The early birds , Kenny ,Robbie and Cormac had started at 8 with a bin run and met COC , PS, and the convalescent John (SCO) back at the glen at 9 . Scullion true to form caught us up as we headed for fiddlers , top burma and a slide down the mountain to the wall track.

Cormac went off up Sallys like a scalded cat with Kenny in close pursuit doing his best to drop COC . The also rans fought over the leather medal . It got colder and wetter as we neared the mast and here John (sco) , PS and Kenny who were minding themselves dropped down to home . Michelle , Emma and Sharon having issued  fatwas for lateness.

The rest of us headed down to a very damp tunnel , could have done with a mudguard! On to the trails and home by black run ( as least Cormac and Robbie did)

There was some discussion re the inclusiveness of the 2018 calendar and whether ROSSI jerseys should be seen in same. You’ll just have to wait and see.


Route Here 



“Better Than Christmas” ( Quote from Al )

Slaughter The 10th
The child of prague lived up to its reputation once more and delivered a glorious day despite the gloom mongering from Banbridge direction.

Dan Duffy was up early and had a lap in before we started just to make us feel bad . Al arrived late but caught us up just as we arrived at the mast for the first time. The girls got a bit frisky at this stage so we headed straight for cairn number 1 where we were met by Mr Drone AKA Ross McLaughlin . Down to the Gully where a few fallers managed to escape my lens.


Second Lap up by Fiddlers and The glen is a tough one , but then we are all tough except Mr Robbie who was saving himself for France , enough said . A moments respect for poor John Duffy at this point , went down the road to avoid the dangerous mountain descent . Braked to avoid a dog and ended up in casualty with a wrecked AC joint. 🙁

Third Lap up Fallow and round by tunnel and the legs were getting tired , despite this quite a few clear rounds on Mast Climb , impressive at this stage of the day .


Last lap , the dreaded switchbacks,  and a clear round here gets a you a position in the hall of fame , alas no one up to the mark although Doc Lewis damn close.

Handshakes all round and lots of back smacking , home by the glen to a well deserved rest for some the bar for others , sore heads to match the sore legs today methinks. Route Here if you want to give it a go.

All Images here , far too many to label .

Where’s Kenny ?

Kenny is unavoidably detained for the next 10 years , just so that we don’t all forget him ,his likeness is in this picture , answers on a post card to NTSR child care services , Banbridge .Oh and by the way ..where’s John (SCO) …emigrated?

We did however manage to struggle on without him , Cormac having taken over as chief trouble maker aided and abetted by Robbie ( half a slaughter )Caraher. Scullion was early , Paul was late and Kevin from the Rossi wished he had missed us altogether.

With the aforementioned slaughter so close there was nothing for it but two cairns , full route here .

Several clean rounds on the Tunnel /mast climb but poor show on the switchbacks .

Our day was brightened by meeting beautiful Al , good job Liz had left at this point . Robbie spent a fair portion of the day falling over on Ballynagelty ,should be good training for France !