Saturday 16th November 2013

In which Noel arrives an hour late , Michael gets on his bike occaisionally , Gary joins him and our very favourite cyclist / all round athlete recieves an award.

We have started at 9am every Saturday for  the last 10 years at least . Noel still running on BST and missed us by an hour , now with new steed will have no excuse for not keeping up. Led  by Mr Suffern really but we let Mr K THINK he was leading .Memories were still raw of his last navigational debacle and we didnt want a repeat . Mix of old and new trails , very pleasant I have to say , much smoother and more flowy than Rostrevor , but little in the way of climbs .

After a poor effort on the pump track off to Urban for a presentation ceremony . Mr Suffern had complained to Les so much about not getting a trophy for the MMM than Les had felt obliged to go out and buy him one! .

1st Vet , we werent sure whether than meant his was the first , Veterinarian , or the oldest to finish! Highly reccomend URBAN Cafe.