Loop The Loop

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With rain forecast to start at 9 , the raincoats were out . But the child of prague has been satisfactorily placed and no rain fell . Mr Kinbote and Mr Power ate so much weetabix for breakfast that they forgot about the rest of us and cycled off into the wild blue yonder. They were so far ahead that when we turned right into Fallow loop they were nowhere to be seen . Thinking they would appear at the tunnel we headed on but when there was no sign we assumed that their weetabix fuelled rampage had contnued to the mast . Alas at the mast they were no where to be seen and just as we were about to call mountain rescue they appeared at the tunnel exit .It was like a scene from Brokeback Mountain as the duo ascended ( dab free) to the mast .

Then it was off to the cairn for an improptu medal ceremony . SMS medals lovingly crafted from 27 carat Gold(ish)   and set with a specially commisioned , hand painted emblem were presented to those  who had completed the Slaughter . Many Thanks to Alan Bingham of AB Trophies Warrenpoint  for generous sponsorship of these finest medals.

Then it off to the trails for what can only be described as a gutting session in pusuit of our two cereal cyclists!

Back to the Glen and off to The Old School House Cafe for a feast . Mr Kinbote our resident vegetarian(ish) was suitably replete after his delicious quorn (fed chicken ) rap.

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