Meaningless Meanderings

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In a normal world a herd of cows will not be found abandoned on the Bryansford road causing the COC and Herself to be delayed by WAIT FOR IT ..6 minutes . Kinbote was in a lather at the injustice , and if rumours are true he may be in another lather tonite .

John was there with the new welterweight Solo , I saw the owner of Green Bikes this morning driving a new Porsche ,probably on the profits ! Power returned and Kenny blessed us with his presence .They were shooting a Dracula Film and he had been allowed off set for a few hours. Pamela may never speak to us again , if she makes it to the Ocktoberfest she’ll be asleep in her first Stein.
Plenty of falls today including yours truly who returned home bruised and battered after 2 flying attempts that failed.

We were badly missing The Horse whisperer Suffern as Kinbotes route took us up nearly all the really good descents and then some more!

Oh and the best bit…Kenny stung by a really nasty wasp was very very sore.

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