Glenloughan Lane ..Wheely Good Spin.

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At the instruction of Mr Charles Kinbote a long spin was in order , what with Slaughter impending . So we headed first for Sallys Yard , losing Seamus before we started .As soon as her heard the route he discovered his wheels were only 75% full of air and forgot he needed to have a hair cut or some such. Next to bale ( or so we thought )was Charles who reported a number of excuses worthy of an entire chapter of Dunbars Tome of excuses. He headed back down Sallys for home, however a sudden second wind persuaded him to head directly out the road to Glenloughan and up the lane ahead of us.

As usual Mr Kinbote and Mr Power  ( who remained only half dressed throughout the day) doled out the punishment at the front and waited atop every rise for the arrival of the also rans.

Our next challenge on Finlieve was to find the Fallow, Visibilty was poor and more importantly Eddy the Navigator was AWOL . With a bit of tooing and froing the COC and CK ( those initials make an interesting combo)  managed between them to get us right to Fallow corner .

Here we lost Tim and Brian who had “work to do” . The rest of us headed over Slieve Meel on the trails to Yellow Water and home from there. Nearly 4000 ft of climbing will surely pay off on 26th October.

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