The Rain has Arrived , Sat 7th September

I Cant remember the last rain.. misty , wet , freezing . Power .Kinbote ,Kenny ,Alex, Liz ,Pam and Gary not forgetting moi. Practice for the slaughter . To the top via the stone ( “the hard way”) round the glen ,At this point gary decided more training needed and left for the trails . Rest of us over the top to tunnel , hop into the trails . Back round to second right where we turned left ,( Kenny the navigator couldn’t get his head round this) .Up the swtchbacks where not even the superior power and skill of mr Power could manage a clean round .Then onto the trails again to Fallow dropping down to slieve meel for the hard ones . Home for me ..FROZEN .. BTW ignore everything that has been said about the slaughter to date . The day WILL be changing .