Saturday 10th August 101%

The Clarion call was all but ignored today as only Seamus(100%) White and the cyclist formerly known as the Fat Controller turned up. Under recent EU legislation I can no longer be referred to as Fat and must henceforth be known as COC (Clinically Obese Controller)
Never have I witnessed such a list of excuses order of ascending acceptability.

“Waiting for my car to be serviced”
“six month old groin strain”
“feeling less than magnificent”
“being a passenger in a car rally”
“Walking the seven sevens”
“running the seven sevens”
“On holidays”
“Da cooley thriller practice”

Sea and I flew the flag with a climb straight up to top of fallow loop , into trails as far as tunnel road , half way to mast then left to bath and knockshee.Bach to Sallys and up to post , wrong way to top of switchbacks , onto trails and towards fallow . Cut left into black run , disaster struck Sea here who by now was about 89% when rear mech lost battle with large rock .Ot of action and forced freewheel home. Had intended to finish off with trail loop but still 3 hrs and 2900 feet climbing not bad.

I suspect big crowd heading for Da Cooley Triller next week.

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