Saturday 20th July

Garmin Here

Mr Cooper returned today to remind us all of the importance of a good rest , Mr Kinbote was not impressed and is threatening a continuity NTSR , Good luck with that ! Kenny was sole purveyor of Jelly babies which were awarded in lieu of pounds for a clear run from tunnel to mast .  5 were awarded , Kenny ( he got two as they were his ) , Alex , Ed , FC and Herself ….but wait , only five , does that mean MR KINBOTE had a foot down ..SHOCK HORROR YES!  He made up for it by not talking to us for the rest of the day .

Great Route even if I say so myself , Burma , Sallys to post , left to next post then right reverse of normal descent to slieve martin , trails to fallow jumping out at tunnel corner , mast , ballynagelty and home by river walk , nice cool breeze , sun and jelly babies ..Perfick.


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