Saturday July 13 2013 .

In which

  • Mr Kinbote suffers from a terminal case of tickly cough , several nasty cleg bites ,and an annoying brother .
  • The fat controller goes ar*e over Tit
  • BGTV goes Tit over Ar*e

Small select group today Kinbote ,The Brother , FC , Herself , The Pilot ( fingers crossed) ,and BGTV. No trails today as Scullmeister away .Up the green road to allow where it was noted that Mr Kinbote various ailments didnt seem to be holding him back much ,Perhaps it was the new school shoes?. Up to the tunnel and over the fence for the climb to the mast .All good till FC went over the bars holing everyone up with a long and detailed postmortem on how it could possibly have happened. Kinbote of course at this point was resting at the mast ,probably on the phone to his chest specialist .

Then down to Knockshee when BGTV having just commented that he was going easy so he didnt fall prior to going on hols tonight ..promptly flew over bars impaling his leg on same .

Some respite enjoying the sun atop Knockshee while Kinbotes new shoes were variously admired and ridiculed .

Then towards the post held up only by Mr Kinbotes poor navigation and over to Fern gully which was really living up to its name .Down through the trails at Ballyed and home along the wall . The young and idle then headed for another loop while the old and decrepid headed for home.

ps..Kinbote has just arrived at my door …its 3pm , hes been out since it any wonder hes almost see thru?

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