Sean Kelly is reported to have said ” if you want to know if its too wet to go training , go training and you’ll know when you get back” . I have to disagree , when I looked out the window at 8 I knew it was too wet but I also knew Mr Power and co. would never let me live it down. So thanks their bullying/cajoling I did get up and go.

A wet suit might have been more appropriate gear , Mr Hull , Robbie and Dan D were also there . Cormacs plan involved fiddlers. viewpoint , trails to cairn ( of course) , down to tunnel and onto red trails. The trails were like rivers , my feet were like ice blocks, my fingers appeared to have been disconnected from my hands . However we got round and had mighty crack crossing the yellow water , Robbie took a nasty toss and nearly a swim as did Cormac . Kenny and I chickened and walked it .

And in retrospect Sean kelly was right.

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