A heron , A tunnel and two cairns

Poor attendance today with Kenny and Robbie both laid low with tickly coughs ,Paul had domestic duties which is low on the scale of acceptable excuses and LIz had a dodgy knee which Robbie had failed to cure despite a laying on of hands. Scullion was so late he never turned up . That left only Mr Power , Doc , Ross ,John (SCO) and COC to make up the numbers.

The three youngsters put the pressure on from the start , (without Kenny and Robbie to hold them back ) this put the two auld boys at the back under severe pressure and the cairnuary legs felt the pain ++ .

Giants pad , Fallow , Tunnell and then reverse bath…. almost with Cormac heading freestyle across the mountain . Bitter wind and absolutely freezing . Hard right at the shoulder of knockshee and back to post ….but oh no Mr Power had other ideas with more open mountain towards sallys yard and back to mast / Cairn . Then dropped down to forest office . Lost John here and nearly lost Ross who was shamed into another climb . By this stage the two Docs were on their knees with cold/bonk /cairnuary legs. But another cairn was needed in the bank so straight back up road/trails , pausing only to collect Mr Coyle on his very pretty boy titanium/ rohloff/belt drive bike which Tim immediately coveted. Watch the credit card bill Julie.
Quick cairn and straight down to thaw out .


Photos fairly poor not because John took them but my camera froze.