In Which :

  • Brian Scullion arrives late ……..nothing new there.
  • Kieran Duffy goes swimming. Well as he came in shorts it would have been rude not to.
  • Cormac mis-calculates speed and grip ratio resulting in a gravitational failure.
  • John (Sco) completes his Rapha ensemble with bike bottle . ( I wonder if there is a Rapha Kilt?)
  • Robbie forgets gloves , sends home for delivery ..survives .
  • Kenny pretends to be himself.
  • Tim still on lime green bedstead.
  • Liz beats a hasty retreat on tunnel descent but avoids hypothermia.
  • Paul and COC take the early escape route .

Sunrise is officially at 8.44 on 1/1/18 .Plan to leave Glen Gate at 07.45 , Aim for Cairn at 08.45 .If weather good on to Knockshee , if not home.