Only 9 sleeps till Santa brings that new bike.

Or in some cases he came early ,with Doc Lewis arriving on yet another Lime green aberration . It took the cycling industry 25 years to get round to good suspension ,but oh no …its back to rigid all round for the good doctor , I hope he has no loose fillings .
Kenny had been diverted to carve a turkey somewhere but his right hand man made up for it and led us ( literally) over castle bog , which was a slippery mess . Red Bog , through trees to trails , back to giants pad , up switchbacks ( not even nearly a clear round) , cairn and home by Glen and river walk . John( SCO) , Robbie and the right honourable Scullion made up the numbers.
Next Saturday is Santa Saturday ( Hoorah) , compulsory fancy dress , retiring to NTSR towers afterwards. Calendars are ready.