December Arrives on time Scullion Late

The early birds , Kenny ,Robbie and Cormac had started at 8 with a bin run and met COC , PS, and the convalescent John (SCO) back at the glen at 9 . Scullion true to form caught us up as we headed for fiddlers , top burma and a slide down the mountain to the wall track.

Cormac went off up Sallys like a scalded cat with Kenny in close pursuit doing his best to drop COC . The also rans fought over the leather medal . It got colder and wetter as we neared the mast and here John (sco) , PS and Kenny who were minding themselves dropped down to home . Michelle , Emma and Sharon having issued  fatwas for lateness.

The rest of us headed down to a very damp tunnel , could have done with a mudguard! On to the trails and home by black run ( as least Cormac and Robbie did)

There was some discussion re the inclusiveness of the 2018 calendar and whether ROSSI jerseys should be seen in same. You’ll just have to wait and see.


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