As Kennys cycling career draws to a close (and he turns to night feeds and nappy changing as alternative extreme sports) he reminded us that we will miss his navigational expertise as he guided us from Mast to Bath without a wrong turn ,kindly pointing out all the lines to COC . Then picked up right trail to post which “we” usually COC-up.

The late Brian Scullion joined us briefly but his catalan capers caught up with him and he retired early along with New Paul who had no suitable excuse except something to do with a wheelbarrow and 7 tonne of stone. John(bangor) also showed up again getting slaughter ready perhaps? Robbie returned and should be on his second unit of blood as I write after extreme bramble escapades.

Mr Power after last weeks cycling dyslexia was too embarrassed to show up , but will return when self righting mechanism perfected.