Clean Round Mania

The book of excuses went to a new volume today with chapters like..

Have you seen the forecast? Robbie
Its going to lash . Robbie
I would have done that except you stopped in front of me .Liz
My heart rate was too high. COC
I have to go and get the dry cleaning. Robbie
I think I have something to do but I can’t remember what it was. Rowan
My knee is hurty again .Liz

With the Fondo looming , Mr Stewart and Murray had absented themselves for the delights of the road .No note had been received and Kenny has it in his book.
However said forecast never happened ,it was warm and dry all morning bar a brief shower which left some of the rocks on the trails like ice , causing Doc Lewis some momentary consternation.

Route started with Giants pad , second right , shortcut , switchbacks with much effort put into the elusive clear round . Most folk got as far as the last hard bit , now called “Luciver ” by Kenny . The left line beat everyone although the line on the right is doable I did it . However an EGM will have to decide if that line will constitute a clear round

Tunnel , with DOC Lewis getting a clear descent which is possibly a first . Onto trails and out at the bridge . Kenny and Cormac the took themselves off on their new toys towards Formal . The rest headed over slieve meel to Yellow Water and down to bridge where the excuses practically vomited out . Leaving only COC and DOC to tackle Castle Bog . Tim still working on the elusive clear round from gate to leitrim lodge . Could be a while!

Up Castle bog with Tim having no respect for his elders and towards wall, Both initial attempts at clear round failed but COC did manage it at the second attempt…does that count?
Home by ulster way and way surprised to find the early leavers in the Church Cafe ..all those excuses Robbie …that laundry won’t do itself you know !

No word from Mr Power et al yet .

Route here