Tunnel Vision

Select bunch today , no sick note from Teresa, Pamela or Leona . Kenny and Cormac away getting go faster stickers applied to their wreckonings , probably bells and reflectors also.
Scullion , 2 Pauls , Robbie , Coc , Herself and John (Sco) made up the merry band . Taking care to greet the pedestrians on the fairy glen we headed for Giants pad and up towards Fallow loop. There was a bit of a sprint up the first climb , Robbie and John fell away early leaving PS and COC to battle . COC must still have a bit of wheeler in him somewhere as he fought PS off for KOH .
Up to Tunnel where on Tuesday night it was reported that Doc Lewis got a clear round to fence . It was very dry and the normally dangerous logs had some grip. Repeated attempts by PS , Scullion and COC resulted in only one more clear by the boss.
Up to mast where I think everyone was clear it was so dry . Out towards Knockshee , and were enjoying the view so much that missed the turn . However our scottish pathfinder soon had us back on track.
Robbie then started to creak first brakes then frame , new pads and bearings need sorted which provided him a weak excuse for getting off the bike on fern gully .
Over the wall and down to lower gate off piste , v. nice. Home by wall .